Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Commercial pest control

I think it is about time I gave mention to commercial pest control in Las Vegas.  We have a very unique environment here with many 24 hour businesses and tons of out-of-state traffic.  Add in our desert climate and it is a haven for pests of all sorts.

Out of town visitors can unknowingly bring hidden passengers with them to our lovely city.  Most commonly this comes on the form of bed bugs tagging along for the ride on luggage from all corners of the globe.  These nearly invisible bugs can wreak havoc on hotels by biting customers and potentially spreading disease.  It doesn't take many cases of this to tarnish an establishment's reputation and hurt their bottom line.  Both high end luxury hotels and budget minded suites are affected by this spreading problem.  

When treating a hotel with bedbugs, quick action is key to prevent the spread to other rooms.  Any adjoining rooms must be treated in addition to all affected units.  An experienced pest control professional is necessary in a situation like this if positive results are to be expected.  It requires special equipment and years of know-how to battle these little buggers.  

The bottom line here is that when a business needs pest control there is a lot riding on the line.  Trust your commercial pest control needs to an expert!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunny days are here again... And so are the ants!

Of course I have a bit of an eye for it, but with the warm weather over the weekend ants could be seen just about everywhere I went.  The gas station, grocery store parking lot, and even my neighbor's driveway are bustling with ant activity.  Without going over the books I would guess that ant calls are up 50% in the last week alone.

With billions and billions of ants out looking for food it isn't too far fetched to imagine that a few might find their way in to your home if not properly protected.  That pantry full of cereals, sugar, and other baking goods are an irresistible lure to these six legged insects.  The best defense against an invading army of ants is a routine spraying schedule.

Having the outside of your home properly sprayed creates a nearly impenetrable barrier against a variety of insects, spiders, and scorpions.  At Delcon Pest Control we offer two specialized tiers of home bug spraying.  The standard spray is perfect for maintaining a bug free home.  The next level is the power spray which is a knockout punch for existing infestations.  If you are unsure which would be best for your home and family please give us a call for a consultation!

Stay tuned for our next blog post about pigeon control in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Late Valentines Day Tip!

Valentines Day is synonymous with spreading the love, but that isn't the only thing that it can spread.  With millions of freshly cut flowers being circulated there is ample opportunity for insects to hitch a ride directly in to your home.  

You may have picked up the flowers at the corner store, but they likely came for thousands of miles away in South America.  Columbia and Ecuador are responsible for 90% of the flowers imported to the United States. The US Customs and Border Patrol inspects millions of imported flowers each year in an attempt to stop this "bug trafficking" .  

While there are measures in place to prevent such intruders, it is always a good idea to check those fresh flowers thoroughly.  Be sure to inspect between the petals and on the stems as well.  Ants and aphids are most common bugs you will find in floral arrangements.  

If you do happen to find some don't toss those flowers just yet!  Usually a gentle rinse under the shower head is all it takes to get rid of the bugs.  

This blog was inspired by a call we had where tainted flowers lead to a kitchen ant infestation.  Keep an eye on those flowers or you may need a pest professional!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Calm before the storm

Well we are finally starting to see an uptick in the temperatures here in Las Vegas.  This warmer weather seems to be appreciated by almost all forms of life.  Everyone enjoys getting back to the outdoors for boating, hiking, camping, and all those fair weather activities.  Also appreciative of the surge in ambient temperature are some things that could be considered less welcome.  Weeds sprouting,  birds flocking, and bugs reclaiming that which was their domain in the previous warmer months.

Most people know the best way to deal with the weeds is a preventative treatment to keep them from sprouting in the first place.  What could be deemed as less common knowledge is that bugs should be treated in the same way.  Rather than spraying for bugs as a reactionary response to an infestation, preventative bug spraying can keep you from having to worry about bugs all year round.

Monthly bug spraying from a pest control professional means not only means a cleaner and safer home, but it means more time for those barbecues and pool parties.  Ever wonder why you never see any bugs at certain homes?  This is no accident.  A little forethought goes a long way when it comes to pest control!